Terms and conditions

All prices on this website are net prices so remember to add 23% VAT where applicable.


For the events where you sign up via website (so-called ‘open training’):  After you register, I will issue a pro forma invoice (your accountant will understand) due 7 days before the training date. Once I receive the payment I immediately issue and provide you with the VAT invoice. 

Training events where we work for just one company (so-called ‘closed training’):  payment and invoicing dates are negotiated on the individual basis. 


No scary-sounding rules and paragraphs – lets simply respect each other.

If you cannot participate – let me know as soon as possible and we will reschedule your participation for the next edition of the training event.

If you want to resign completely and you’ve already paid – you will get all your money back. If it’s a last-minute cancellation (5 or less working days) – I will deduct the costs that I am not able to recover on such a short notice – it is usually around 400,- PLN net. 

Sounds fair?


As a general rule – we do not cancel confirmed events. If however we commit such a crime (and you will not agree to participate in the next edition of the training), you will be provided with a full refund plus additional compensation in a form of books that we recommend for leaders and managers.